Whisperlite Stories: The Last Time You Bailed3 min read

After we shared our thoughts on bailing a couple weeks ago we invited y’all to share your stories of epics and bails and got some awesome responses – over 100 in total! We’ve compiled a short list of our favorites and are excited to share them with you as the first installment of our whisperlite stories series. Highlights include bails from Alaska to Appalachia, a solo fishing skiff with a leak, and an internet date gone awry. Enjoy!

The Funny

From Supertopo user Delhi Dog

I bailed yesterday.


From work.
And, they didn’t miss me.

The Moving

Tolerant’s Dog was injured on a hike, forcing some difficult decisions. His story is touching and well worth the read. 

My f*#king dog blew out her shoulder on
a deep and wild hike.


we laid there for about 3 days
and i got hella board. waiting for
hers and i’s death…


so i bailed.
but i picked her up
and started humming my favorite songs:
pavane opus 50, jules massenet’s Thais meditation, mirror in the mirror, dance of the blessed spirit, much ado about nothing, etc….


my legs were weak from 3 days without food or water,
and i had miles to hike, my little moutainette in my arms. (Full Comment),

The Terrifying

A rough day on Lower Exum (Link to Route)

This past July from Lower Exum. Party of three. Plan was to lead the entire lower, then swing leads after Wall St. Decided I had enough at the base of the black wall pitch, after a dismal morning and the approach of a fast moving storm caught us by surprise. Woke up that morning with a weird feeling looming (should have just called it then in hindsight), (Full Comment)

A bail off of Ruth Gorge

A lot of non-starts due to wind or route conditions, but the last major bail was probably 11,300 in the Ruth Gorge this past spring.

We had a group of three with no meaningful Alaska experience between us. Well, one guy tried Moose’s Tooth the week before so he was our sage.

We flew out just before stormageddon hit, glad we dodged a bullet. Our pilot, with the last name of Sheldon, knows a thing or two about those mountains and the weather patterns. “Oh, they say it’s supposed to be nasty tomorrow. But I don’t think it’ll amount to much.” (Fully Comment)

The Off-Topic-But-Still-Palm-Sweat-Inducing

Fisherman out solo springs a leak and paddles like hell

The Off-Topic-But-Noteworthy

Bailing on dates counts right? Aleks Zebastian thinks so:

I bailed the other night last week passing from quite bizarre quite strange date arranged from the internetz dating app! Upon arrival and introductionz and brief chattering, I immediately realize I am not attract to this person. Next, she would be saying that she never does worry about anything never haz had any regret, and has no empathy for others, and has been told it is like sociopathic tendency!


She is already buzzed having had 3 drinks at work party in the hours passing and talks of continued abuse of the alcohol as an adult. Some 15 minute later, her friend is appearing and sits with us. Qutie strange, and I am getting the impression this is possibly planned…


…Worry not, for I shall remain ever bold while fast approaching death alone. (full comment)

Didn’t think anyone in the threads epic-ed hard enough compared to your typical weekend in the Sierras? Leave us your best bail story in the comments!

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